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All medicine is “energy medicine”.  If you take a pill, that is an example of biochemical energy.  If you have radiation therapy to remove a tumor, that is an example of nuclear energy. 

The body is believed to have an internal energy, often referred to as subtle energy.  Different cultures have called this by different names: Chi (Qi), Prana, Ki, Life Force, Spirit… but whatever name you call it, it is just another form of energy.  Energy Medicine focuses on this form of subtle energy. 
Energy Medicine physicians work with this energy to diagnose and to treat.  Imbalances in this energy can be physically felt   in the  fascia  or   pulse,    seen   in   the complexion, or manifested through different symptoms. Once identified, various methods can be used to influence this energy for the good of the patient.  For example, realignment of fascia removes physical barriers to the movement of this energy.  Placement of acupuncture needles in energetic meridians removes blockages of this energy and shifts the energy toward healing areas.  Even food works on a molecular level to change the properties of this subtle energy.

South Mountain Osteopathy is one of the first, truly integrated, energy medicine clinics in the country.  Dr. Krepps starts with a personal evaluation of each patient to create a blueprint for restoring your health to your desired goals.  Then, utilizing a concert of energetic therapies work to achieve those goals. 

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What is Energy Medicine?